Product Development

“Design your sealing with us”

We promote a strong cooperation with our customers concerning the product development, to provide winning technical solutions to fit in the best way the requested functional application. We have the possibility of reading and managing all the main CAD formats, for the product development both in 2D and tridimensional. We can also work with design studio for the advanced product development to provide, if necessary, analysis and simulation services based on FEM calculation methods.

Raw Materials

“The best suited material for your application”

Let our technicians advise you with the choice for the most suitable material for your applications. With the aim of complying with constantly evolving functional and regulatory requirements, we are always open to consider the development of new formulations. Thanks to a more than thirty years experience in production and material processing, we can offer you a wide choice of different types of polymers and compounds. We handle materials such as: BR, CR, IR, SBR, NBR, HNBR, EPDM, peroxide based EPDM, ACM, AEM, FKM, FFKM, VMQ and FVMQ.

Prototyping and Pre-series

“Rapid and efficient prototyping”

We can support you with a rapid realization of the prototypes and are ready to manage low volume production and pre-series batches. Those are services that we have always offered to our customers and that are more and more requested by the market.