We produce high quality items

“Zero defects objective”

“Zero defects” is a real goal to which we constantly commit ourselves every day. From the arrival of the raw materials to the final check before shipment, our items are inspected and tested in our metrological and analytical laboratories to ensure complete compliance with the requirements requested by our customers. Automated inspection machinery, strict internal quality procedures and qualified personnel are the cornerstones of our success.

An internal analysis laboratory at your service

“A real support for our customers”

Our testing laboratory offers deep analysis of the material characterization. We are in fact internally equipped to perform thermal analysis both by thermo-gravimetry (TGA), and by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), as well as infrared spectroscopic analysis (FTIR). We can therefore offer you rapid support in identifying materials and components, and we can guide you and propose specific technical solutions for your needs.

Our certifications for the quality management system

“Certified, guaranteed quality”

Hereunder you can download our system certifications, as well as our policy: